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Fernor Walnut Sapling and its characteristics

Fernor Walnut Sapling and its Characteristics

This sapling is very fruitful, of French orign and has thin shell. Its pollinator is Franquette and fernette. It is a type of walnut suitable for cold climates. Its fruit clings 2-4 pct in bunches. Easily breakable and taken out. It is advisable to plant the sapling in places between 1200 and 1700 metres above sea level. Due to the fact that it can be sown in high altitude and shows adaptation to harsh climate conditions, the demand for Fernor Walnut Sapling has grown. You can buy tube and open rooted Fernor walnut sapling from Can Fidancılık Limited Company.

Fernor Walnut Tree’s Characteristics

It is a very fruitful type growing mediocre resistant and subvertical. As in Chandler type of walnut, Fernor walnut also has good amount of crops in side branches. Its frults can be seen one, double, triplet or quadruplet in bunches.

Fernor Walnut Fruit’s Characteristics

The avarage weight of the fruit is 12 gr. , the inner yield % 49 and the weight of shelled walnut 6 gr. Fat rate is % 51 and protein rate is % 20. It is a type of commercially valuable walnut, the shell of which is easy to break. It is advisable to consume this delicious walnut when dry and fresh. Its accurate pollinators are Franquette and Fernette. This walnut is harvested late in September.

Our After Sale Services .Planting and prunning of the walnut saplings we have sold are made by us. We track its fertilizing and disinfection of them. We back the walnut saplings we sell. Call us without hesitation for 7/24 when something occurs to you. We are not a firm of one dat. We are always with you.

State Support
Our saplings are state-supported. We draft your documents and you only go to County Agriculture Directorate. You benefit from gasoline and fertilizer support from the state each year. Caution ! Establish a walnut garden, let the next generation remember and pray for you.Certificated, Correct to its Name, Guaranteed Sale.The most affordable walnut sapling prices and quality product in Can Fidancilik Limited Company

Sapling is our job.

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  • Countries that we make sapling export to abroad
  • Greece, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania, England, Germany, Serbia, Hungary
  • Let us Establish you Walnut Garden
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