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Can Walnut Sapling

Chandler Tube Walnut Sapling

Chandler tube walnut sapling price . Chandler walnut trees for sale.Please call Can Fidancilik Limited Company for the prices of walnut sapling,  open rooted walnut sapling, tube walnut sapling and their order. Orign: The USA, California.Fruit size crusted : 40 – 42 mm.Crusted weight: 13,5 gr .Inner weight: 6,5 gr .Inner colour: white,Pollinator: Franquette, Fernette Our

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Chandler Walnut Sapling and its characteristics

This is the most important commercial type of walnut in the USA. Thin shelled, slightly rough and oval shaped. Its shell is easily breakable and suitable for fresh consumption. The crops in  fruit buds is %85 – 90 and very fruitful. The ratio of whiteness of the shelled walnut is %90-100 and can be taken

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Şebin Walnut Sapling and its characteristics

This walnut’s orign is Kırkgöz quarter in the district of Şebinkarahisar. Avarage fruit weight in this type has been specified as 9.40 gr, inner weight 6.60 gr, inner yield  %63 and fat content  %69.40. According to the ecologic conditions in the district of Niksar, Tokat city, the avarage fruit weight was confirmed as 11.36 gr,

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Fernor Walnut Sapling and its Characteristics

This sapling is very fruitful, of French orign and has thin shell. Its pollinator is Franquette and fernette. It is a type of walnut suitable for cold climates. Its fruit clings 2-4 pct in bunches. Easily breakable and taken out. It is advisable to plant the sapling in places between 1200 and 1700 metres above

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Bilecik Walnut Sapling and Characteristics

Found quintette in bunches, this walnut’s pollinator is Kaman 1. It is round shaped and the shell’s weight is 10.4 gr. The rate of shelled walnut is % 53, fat rate % 38 and protein rate % 18. Considering the climate conditions in Turkey, It is advisable to plant this sapling everywhere except for coastal

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Pedro Walnut Sapling

This sapling is of USA orign, very fruitful and in delayed blossom. It is recommended that the sapling be planted with its pollinator “Franquette”. It is a type of walnut sapling that should be planted 1200 m above sea level. It is insusceptible in hot regions. The need for irrigation is very much in summers.

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Franquette Walnut Sapling

This walnut sapling is highly fruitful, thin-shelled and the pollinator of Chandler walnut sapling. Its fruit cling to each other in double or triplet way. Easily breakable and taken out. If you decide to plant Franquette walnut sapling, which can be planted in altitudes up to 1200 meters, you should buy 10 Chandler walnut saplings

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Fernette Walnut Sapling

Fernette walnut sapling is very fruitful, in delayed blossom, adaptable to continental climate and the pollinator of Fernor walnut sapling. It is recemmended that you plant one Fernette walnut sapling for every 10 Ferntte walnut saplings which should be planted in places between 1200m and 1700m from the sea level. In this way, you can

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Yalova 1 Walnut Sapling and its Characteristics

This sapling can be planted in any place where other walnut saplings are planted. But, It is recemmonded that the sapling be planted in regions except for the Aegean and Mediterrenean. It is consumed as fresh and dry. It is harvested in late September. The weight of one walnut is 17.4 gr, inner rate %

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What is the walnut’s need for climate and soil?

What is the walnut’s need for climate? What kind of soil should be used in its planting? What is the walnut’s need for soil and climate in walnut cultivation? Walnut trees are selective in terms of soil, they are better grown in usually deep and well-drained land, ground water level below 2.5-3 m, water holding

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